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The secret sauce to Noodle.ai modules is a careful blend of deep industry operations expertise and breakthrough technologies. We see learning algorithms replacing all static rules-based software to help executives make important complex decisions in every company. The revolution is afoot.

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Dare to outcalculate Amazon

Brick-and-mortar retailers benefit from our AI solutions in demand prediction, inventory optimization, supply chain, and planning, while ecommerce organizations often start with customer engagement challenges like churn & retention. Pricing & promotions optimization, customer personalization, and maximizing customer lifetime value are other valuable areas rapidly improvable with Enterprise AI. Contact our retail specialists with your most challenging opportunities.

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Smart(er) production & automation

Whether you manufacture heavy equipment, industrial materials, or perishable goods, we enrich sensor data with external data sources and physics models to provide an unprecedented level of smart recommendations, optimization, and automation. Ask us about AI solutions in inbound & outbound logistics, cost volatility risk mitigation, scheduling optimization, quality enhancement, predictive maintenance, and equipment & assembly optimization.

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travel & tourism

Supercharge revenue management

The dominoes are beginning to fall as an increasing number of revenue management functions convert from static business rules — based on internal structured data, to learning algorithms — based on massive amounts of internal, external, structured and unstructured data. This silent transformation gives executives powerful tools to grow PRASM, RASM, & REVPAR. Noodle.ai is at the forefront of this transformation.

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The triple aim gets closer

Learning algorithms are transforming clinical care from radiology to cancer diagnoses. Noodle.ai extends these innovations into hospital operations to create breakthrough improvements in HCAHPS scores, re-admissions, preventive care, high cost inventory, staffing and referral patterns.

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Unshackle Net Promoter Scores

Customer loyalty and evangelism drive the core economics of the telecommunications industry. Traditional methods to understand, forecast, and optimize customer actions yield nominal results. Noodle.ai's modules process enormous amounts of data on customer behaviors, interactions, intentions, influence, and sentiments, to generate astonishingly accurate and actionable forecasts. These forecasts create optimized plans, loyal customers, and new heights in NPS.

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