Our intention is simple: apply artificial intelligence technologies to achieve extraordinary good—for our clients, colleagues, and communities.

New Thinking Requires New Teams

Creating Enterprise AI applications requires a wide variety of rare talents to work together seamlessly. Culture, organizational structure, governance, incentives, training, and process design, all must align to create interdisciplinary high-performance teams focused on creating breakthrough enterprise artificial intelligence applications. At we designed our company to attract, retain, excite, and harness the power of great talent to create the world's most sophisticated Enterprise AI applications.

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Data Science

Artificial Intelligence (aka Data Science) is a team sport. We have an unmatched team of Ph.D. and Masters level mathematicians, statisticians, and specialists in many subfields of AI. Our team applies the most advanced data science techniques to extend the horizon of what is possible to manage complex business operations.

Business Operations

Our client services team is composed of seasoned business operations executives who joined from IBM, GE, Deloitte Consulting, Boston Consulting Group, Infosys, MicroStrategy, Opera Solutions, and many other top companies. They work seamlessly with your process experts to ensure AI solutions are implemented where they will provide the most value for your business.

Engineering & Design

Our team of engineers and designers work with data science and business operations teams to configure and deploy our applications and ensure effective human-machine collaboration in our client processes. They also have built and deployed The BEAST — BEAST Enterprise AI Supercomputing Technology. The BEAST is an integrated platform consisting of over 200 interconnected technologies — the world's most advanced platform for enterprise artificial intelligence.

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