Shape Demand & Optimize Supply

Driven by continuously learning algorithms, high-performance computing, and large diverse data sets,'s 10 interconnected AI applications shape demand and optimize supply more effectively than any other method. Centered around the sales & operations planning (S&OP) process and extending its boundaries into demand shaping, Applications give companies a powerful competitive advantage.

How does that work?

Why Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

Interconnected data science models improve planning decisions & reactions

Current Operations planning processes (Sales & Operations Planning, Integrated Business Planning, Demand Driven MRP, and Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization) all have one thing in common...they’re broken. With an over-reliance on dialog and reporting, they are slow, static, sequential, deterministic, and non-adaptive. They miscalculate risks. And overall, they generate dramatically sub-optimized planning.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence have broken through critical computational barriers to optimize operations.

How do applications improve planning? Applications

Our AI-as-a-Service applications accelerate time to value is ten interconnected AI-driven Operations Management modules (the nets) — five focused on demand management and five focused on supply management. AI-as-a-Service allows client executive teams to bring AI to their desktop quickly and affordably. Clients subscribe to our AI engines on a monthly basis with low barriers to entry and exit.

Calculate probable outcomes, risk profiles, and operational plans to optimize ROIC and Net Promoter Scores among billions of possible scenarios — augmenting, amplifying, and automating tasks not possible without AI / Machine Learning, supercomputing, and vast data sets.
Data Cartridges

Curated external data sources

We understand your data may be messy. We love messy. No need for giant, expensive master data management (MDM) projects just to get started. We fortify your data — structured and unstructured — with Data Cartridges. The Data Cartridges provide access to hundreds of feature-rich data sets to improve operations planning. BEAST

The leading Enterprise AI Development Platform

Analyzing billions of operating scenarios takes serious horsepower. The BEAST — Beast Enterprise AI Supercomputing Technology — Platform trains each client’s applications and allows processing of massive numbers of planning scenarios.

  • Petaflop computing power
  • More than 200 integrated leading edge technologies
  • Highly redundant and secure infrastructure
  • Curated AI mathematics for Operations Planning including deep learning, regressions, classifiers, and genetic optimization algorithms. Integrators

Smooth process integration business process integrators smooth the transition from old to new.  Using proven methods and tools spanning design thinking, change management, and technical connectors, ensures our system translates into empowered client teams and economic value.

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