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The system of intelligence manages supply chain risk to conquer hidden waste and boost profits.

Math is our strong suit. Now it can be yours too.

The pandemic threw supply chains into crisis, and companies realized their most trusted tools couldn’t keep up with today’s volatility. software uses some of the most advanced math on the planet to tame global supply chain chaos—so the right stuff gets to the right place at the right time with less drama.

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Add AI intelligence to your supply chain planning stack, effortlessly.

The system of intelligence injects intelligent decisions into your existing systems of record and systems of planning, cleaning up costly errors caused by fixed rules, not enough data, and “bad math.”

With a library of data connectors to SAP APO/IBP, o9, Kinaxis, and more, adding AI intelligence to your planning stack is easy.

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See exactly how much money you’re about to lose.

Anyone can send nerds to strategic customer meetings to hold forth on the superiority of their algorithms. We do this too. But we have a secret weapon that sets us apart from the crowd, and it’s called Value at Risk.

Value at Risk shows you the hard money costs of each of the millions of errors made by your planning stack, for both demand and supply, across raw materials, production, and distribution.

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We capture the value at risk—that others miss.

The system of intelligence creates millions of AI-generated corrective actions and automatically updates your supply chain systems, operating at a scale that’s beyond-the-reach of humans.

This means we capture all the potential value that’s out there—not just some.

We capture the value at risk that others miss

Watch AI pay for itself. Only at

The best part? We tally up the savings. Every single course-correction to your systems means waste that's been prevented, and money that's been saved.

This is AI that accounts for itself, where you’ll know exactly how much difference our technology makes to your bottom line.

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