All eyes are on Fleet: Drive Better Fleet Health with AI. Join the conversation applications use Enterprise AI® to increase profit per hour flowing through your operations, all while eliminating waste (think Downtime, Scrap, WIP, FGI, Opex, and of course MWh & CO2).
AI / Applications

Supply Chain

Weather. Maintenance. Production. Labor planning. Route variations. So much can go wrong when you need to get the right goods to the right place at the right time. Our AI apps solve these predictive challenges and let you keep your business moving.


Whether you make steel, aluminum, aircraft engines, food, or cosmetics, you need to anticipate and plan for flow, product quality, maintenance downtime, costs, inventory, and more. Our apps make sure you don’t miss a single step, allowing you to predict the most efficient way to get your products made with the least waste. Go world.

It's what's on the inside that counts

A learning model is only as good as the machine it's trained on. Our platform, the BEAST, is purpose-built for building, training, and deploying Enterprise AI® quickly and efficiently.

Transform your business offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics, & consumer products. Our products are built using AI from the ground up.