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AI / Fill Rate AI

Your Inventory planners aren't just managing inventory, they're managing your company's relationships with retailers, relationships with customers, and working capital.

Plan for the unpredictable

Balancing carrying costs with the risks of stockouts in the context of a long-term relationship with your retailers and customers can be too much to track, and that's just the beginning of the noise. Factoring in production and material schedules, complex demand patterns, a hurricane, or an unexpected news event is beyond human ability.

Fill Rate AI is a learning application that integrates every demand and supply variable available into a balanced plan. Supplement your planning instincts with simulation-based risk mitigation, and actionable recommendations for intelligent inventory balancing, production expedites, and material sourcing.

Transform your business

Noodle.ai offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics, & consumer products. Our products are built using AI from the ground up.