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When traditional demand forecasting tools fail, provides a path forward.

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Short-term Forecasts, Fast

When the COVID-19 crisis began, was deploying a long-term demand forecasting application for a multibillion-dollar global chemical company. The customer responded to the crisis by focusing on short-term demand horizons, and pivoted configuration to support the emphasis on near-term insights.

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Like many chemical manufacturers, our customer runs SAP and a best-of-breed solution for S&OP, but they recognized the limitations of traditional rules-based planning approaches in an increasingly volatile world.

Forecasting based on's three dimensions: Spiker vs. Decliner; Trending vs. Leveling; Stable vs. Volatile—allowed us to generalize local results effectively. This increased the accuracy of our predictions across the business.
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When COVID-19 emerged as a global challenge in January 2020, our product team quickly reacted to our customer’s needs and fast-tracked updates to the Demand Flow product to better predict near-term impacts to their business.
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Stronger Together

Athena Supply Chain Applications allow flexibility in leveraging all sources of information to create a single forecast per product-customer that is consistent up and down the hierarchy and through time. Now take that model and add some key inputs: Demand Signal Archetypes and a Consumer Demand Index.

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Demand Signal Archetypes

By clustering SKUs on three dimensions: Spiker vs. Decliner; Trending vs. Leveling; Stable vs. Volatile— can better understand how products are behaving, and update the models weekly to integrate the latest demand profile information.

Consumer Demand Index

Because our products are deployed across numerous industries, we have expertise in many downstream value chains, especially consumer and transportation. As a result, we recognize emerging trends, allowing us to maximize the accuracy of the consumer demand index we’ve built to leverage for our clients.

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Better Math. Better Results.

Delivering demand forecasts that are consistent up and down the hierarchy as well as through time helps our customer better manage the economic impact of the crisis.

This year, our client is on track to realize more than $10M in value from the Athena Supply Chain Suite.

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Accuracy boost for forecasts

The Demand Flow Application is points better than any supply chain forecasting we've seen. Give it a try...