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NFI Industries teams up with to bring world-class artificial intelligence to the Transportation and Distribution industries.

AI / NFI Industries
AI / Challenge

Learning-enabled Third Party Logistics

External forces and constantly-shifting transportation dynamics create unhealthy and underperforming fleets plus warehouse inefficiencies.

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Gerard Darby, CIO of NFI Industries, is no stranger to transformation. He pioneered the use of large-scale data-warehousing and business intelligence for many retail companies, including 1,700 store off-price retailer, Ross Stores.

Gerard knows that driving incremental efficiencies across a complex enterprise like NFI means looking beyond static, rules-based TMS & WMS systems to solve challenges. These rules-based systems and existing mental models are no longer enough – unsuited to the dynamic nature of the business.

We’re excited to partner with Noodle AI. Their cutting-edge applications will serve as the backbone for NFI’s enterprise AI initiatives to bring even greater efficiency to our customers’ supply chains.
Gerard DarbyCIO of NFI Industries
Gerard needed a system of intelligence to solve complex supply chain problems. NFI needed a 360-degree view of their fleet, curating signals from transportation, maintenance, sensors, and external signals such as weather and traffic patterns Enter
AI / Solution

NFI + Strategy

Noodle and NFI first invested time identifying NFI's fundamental Level 0 operations. These functions had to fulfill three criteria: large capex exposure, inefficiencies due to static rules-based systems, ability to operationalize AI-driven predictions.

For transportation, this meant running the fleets more efficiently by reducing downtime & cost per mile. For distribution, this meant running the warehouse more efficiently and optimizing labor cost.

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Fleet Health AI's Fleet Health AI app creates a digital twin of NFI’s fleet, mapping every incident, trip, breakdown, or other unplanned incident, then feeding that data into our machine learning models. This enables us to predict asset and component-level failure. On top of that, NFI gains insights into asset acquisition/disposition and preventive maintenance effectiveness.

Warehouse Labor AI’s Warehouse Labor AI app mines data from WMS, time card systems, and relevant external signals to build an accurate demand profile, which is then translated into a labor profile for the shift/day/week level, broken down by tasks.

AI / Results's Impact on NFI Industries

NFI has seen increased fleet uptime, reduced cost per mile, and reduced labor costs while maintaining efficient service levels.

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NFI Industries' reduction in direct labor handling costs
Savings in maintenance and purchased transportation costs over 3 years

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