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The enterprise is on track to realize millions of dollars in value from Inventory Flow

“Usually, when you do an SAP or Oracle implementation, it takes 18 months. With, we were ready to engage the AI engines in four months. When you look at the speed of delivering value, that was very exciting versus a traditional rules-based implementation.”

George Chumakov

VP, Customer Service & Logistics

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Global CPG enterprise transforms demand planning with predictive AI

Decentralized planning processes led to poor forecast performance. Inventory Flow Demand Module significantly improved the accuracy of demand predictions.

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Fortune 500 enterprise vastly improves distribution planning with AI

Planners were being buried by alerts. With Inventory Flow Distribution Module, planner productivity nearly doubled and annual profits increased by $130 million.

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Predictive AI helps global manufacturer get scheduling decisions on track

A manufacturer with 12 global plants struggled with low product attainment in the frozen horizon of 4 weeks. By improving the overall inventory imbalance in the network, Inventory Flow Production Module yielded annual profits of $16M to $20M.

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AI-powered system of intelligence boosts fill rate for multinational company

Inventory Flow Distribution Module enabled planners to diagnose and fix fill rate issues. Their improved allocation decisions are driving $20+ million in annual margin.


Quality Flow software is generating significant ROI while halving defects, improving yield, and reducing scrap

“We’re a performance metals manufacturer; that’s our expertise. Could we have built up a data scientist department and spent years on it? Maybe. We felt that the depth of knowledge, support and the speed at which could act was was the absolute best value.”

Nathan Goebel

Plant Manager

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