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We went from contract to engagement in late 2019. Usually, when you do an SAP or Oracle implementation, it takes 18 months. With, we were ready to go in April. In four months, we were ready to engage the AI engines. When you look at the speed of delivering value, that was very exciting versus a traditional rules-based implementation.

George Chumakov

VP, Customer Service & Logistics


We’re a performance metals manufacturer; that's our expertise. Could we have built up a data scientist department and spent years on it? Maybe. We felt that the depth of knowledge, support and the speed at which could act was was the absolute best value.

Nathan Goebel

Plant Manager

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The key in this space is to identify a real problem that needs solving, learn if we can solve it with software and save real dollars. software can solve real problems and save real money just as easily as, if not better than, physical equipment.

Heath Stephens

Digitization Leader

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