How do RB, Kellogg, Transplace, and Estee Lauder keep their supply chains flowing? Listen.

FlowOps allows companies to master chronic entropy and waste, and pursue perfect operations flow—moving products from raw materials to factory to shelf in elegant synchronization, making waste all but extinct.
XAI / Flow Operations

Supply Chain

Defeating operations entropy in the supply chain starts with a top-notch demand signal, but doesn’t end there. Better predictive visibility into supply imbalances and deploying just the right amount of goods into the network minimizes waste and keeps balance sheets lean.


Eradicate quality defects and specification variability. Banish unplanned downtime. FlowOps in manufacturing keeps the most critical assets humming and enables your team with a new generation of tools for improving quality and yield.

What is FlowOps?

FlowOps is possible for the first time because of breakthroughs in high-performance computing, data storage and machine intelligence, but that doesn’t mean it’s all about the machines.

Get your business in the flow

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