Visit us at the 
Gartner Supply Chain Symposium
Booth #709 

Visit us at the 
Gartner Supply Chain Symposium
Booth #709 

Making “Better Bets” in your Supply Chain with Probabilistic Planning

Learn how’s next generation supply chain planning technology supercharges your planning stack to conquer waste and improve profitability.

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Speaker Session

Probabilistic Planning: Making “Better Bets” in your Supply Chain with AI

Monday May 8th | 1:35 p.m. | Stage 3 Pacific Hall

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Running a Make To Stock (MTS) supply chain 
means you’re constantly placing bets.

MTS Supply Chain

Old math uses fixed supply and demand inputs for making bets

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Poor predictive visibility means big real-world errors → bad bets

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New math uses probabilities to make "better bets"

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Inventory Flow transforms the existing 
planning stack using data you already have.

As a “system of intelligence,” sits on top your core ERP and planning systems, applying AI to:

  • Automated statistical forecasting profile creation and assignment, eliminating the need for manual maintenance of parameters
  • Syndication of both internal and external demand signals, leveraging insight beyond just order history for more accurate prediction
  • Probabilistic forecast instead of just point predictions, guiding attention to biggest areas of uncertainty
  • Prioritization score, helping demand planners sift through thousands of products to the ones that drive impact and deserve attention
  • Interpretability, showing the contributions of all demand drivers instead of one opaque number
  • Customizable value-at-risk to reflect all economic penalties from mismatches, including lost sales, expedite costs, non-delivery costs, etc.
  • Recommended corrective actions, with accompanying workflow orchestration, to ensure identified risk is not just exposed but mitigated

Make better bets.

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Gartner Supply Chain Symposium

Booth #709 May 8–10th, Orlando, FL Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort