Enterprise AI® augments your human intelligence, making the complex more comprehensible. Create a radically waste-free business (and world!) with sustainable, intelligent ways to make, move, and sell goods.
AI / Industries

Consumer Products

Your customers expect immediate gratification. Like it or not, it’s a same-day world in consumer products these days because delivering a great customer experience is everything. We’ve helped a $10 billion dollar consumer goods customer implement a app projected to deliver $275 million in lost sales recovery over three years. Imagine the ways you can improve your operations with the 24/7/365 uptime of AI. Now you can focus on what matters - delighting your customer.


Transportation & Distribution

Don’t get left in the dust. Break the innovation speed limit, and prepare for a world modeled after Amazon-like efficiency. Keep your assets moving to put you on the road to radical efficiency, better asset allocation, and cost reduction.’s applications address your biggest problems: high spot market costs, maintenance costs, labor costs and more. Fleet Health Intelligence can provide 5% asset downtime reduction and 10% asset maintenance cost reduction within the first 12 months. Some clients have seen a 70% increase in overall asset uptime. Add in 7% labor cost savings and our AI apps have dramatically improved your bottom line – all in year one!



What to produce, when to produce it, and how to produce it without a hitch – the driving questions for manufacturing. Our system of intelligence layer works with your system of execution and system of planning to make this goal possible. Our apps add prediction, diagnosis, and recommendation capabilities to your asset maintenance and product quality initiatives and create a smart factory. Experience 25-50% reduction in downtime and 30% reduction in quality variability, increasing your factory’s I.Q. in a flash.