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Consumer Products

Stop operating your supply chain organization in the dark. Know what to produce, when to produce it, and where to deliver it with AI.
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At the right place and the right time

Knowing what happened without understanding why it happened makes data virtually useless—or even worse than useless. These faulty conclusions will cause the company to get all three W’s wrong: it won’t know what to produce, when to produce it, or where to ship in. Even worse, a company might get the three W’s right but fail to anticipate a supply disruption and miss its goals as a result.
AI / Consumer Products

Demand Signal AI

Accurate demand estimation is central to the entire organization. Incremental improvements to these forecasts translate to lower inventories and increased working capital.

Fill Rate AI

Amidst shifting market trends and increasing product complexity, forecasting fill rates is a huge challenge. Decrease lost sales and increase customer satisfaction with better Fill Rate accuracy.

Warehouse Labor AI

Optimize labor utilization through planning, smoothing, and scheduling.

Transform your business

Noodle.ai offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics, & consumer products. Our products are built using AI from the ground up.