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Know what to produce when, execute on that plan without any surprises, and do that all while consuming the least energy possible. Now that's Industry 4.0.
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Make More with Less

You plan production based on consensus demand and available capacity. You buy energy at spot prices to meet unanticipated needs. You are reactive to product quality issues and equipment failures. It works, but is inefficient and leaves value on the table. What if you could optimize production flow with a better prediction of demand, product profitability, transition and energy costs, while mitigating downtime and quality risks?
AI / Manufacturing

Product Quality AI

Quality predictions, forensics, and control translate directly to better yields. Increase revenue and operating margins with Product Quality AI.

Asset Health AI

With improved failure prediction, diagnosis, and prevention, throughput will increase. Drive higher revenues and cost reduction with improved Asset Health AI.

Energy Conservation AI

Reduce energy consumption with precision electricity prediction and shaping.

Transform your business

Noodle.ai offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics, & consumer products. Our products are built using AI from the ground up.