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Integrity at Noodle.ai

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AI / Integrity at Noodle.ai

Speak Up

At Noodle.ai, we want to ensure that our workplace is free from harassment and discrimination, and that we create a safe, respectful, and ethical work environment — for Noodlers, our customers, and our partners.

Speakup@noodle.ai is a confidential channel by which Noodlers, customers, and other partners may raise a confidential concern or complaint about inappropriate behavior or unethical activity. Emails sent to speakup@noodle.ai will go directly to the Chief Talent Officer and will be addressed in accordance with company policies. If an individual wishes to remain anonymous, their identity will be kept private to the greatest degree possible and disclosure of their identity will be restricted to an as-needed basis only. In all cases, we recommend that individuals raising a complaint provide as much specific information as possible, which will facilitate the thorough investigation and follow-up that these complaints deserve.

We believe in the value of having open and honest conversations, and in the importance of sharing concerns and complaints in good faith and without fear of retaliation.