- Making "Better Bets"

Highlights from the Event:

  • 387 Badge Scans = Top 5 in Vendor Scans!
  • Jeff’s Session – Making Better Bets was the most attended session at the event
  • Message “Making Better Bets” PMF Validation

Pipeline Contributions:

  • Nestle – Distribution, 2 BU’s, Meeting this week
  • P&G – Distribution, Meeting next week
  • AB Inbev – Demand, Meeting next week
  • Genpact – Demand, POC Pella Windows & Doors Active Opportunity
2023 Gartner Supply Chain Symposium - Presentation Photo 1

Feedback from the Team

“We repeatedly got the feedback that we were "the only ones that knew anything about AI". I believe this is because we are answering the question HOW? We were also told we have far greater domain depth than other technology players. Aera and Palantir were cited as not being able to answer Level 1 type questions about supply chain.” – Jeff Alpert

2023 Gartner Supply Chain Symposium - Presentation Photo 2

“We are the only company who had something real to say about probabilistic planning and how it could be used to make better decisions. This was something we heard repeatedly from people who stopped by the booth or from others who heard people talking about us” – Mahriah Alf

2023 Gartner Supply Chain Symposium - Presentation Photo 3

“Repeatedly received unsolicited feedback that we were the only AI vendor that knew what we were doing in the space and willing to take a position” – Mike Askren

“Further validated that we are the only solution simultaneously predicting both demand and supply” – JR Kavanagh

2023 Gartner - Photo 4

“Everyone is saying "AI", but no one can articulate why it matters and give any explanation on the "how” – Mike Festa

“Noodle's offer was the only actual Supply Chain AI offer at the show” – Mike Smith