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Asset Flow

Increase production capacity and reduce planned maintenance costs while eradicating unplanned downtime and optimizing planned downtime.

Solve the Maintenance Planner’s dilemma

Maintenance engineers and line operators working with plant management need to keep equipment running at peak performance, prevent unplanned downtime, and schedule the best time for preventive maintenance without impacting output. With Asset Flow they can see hidden anomalous patterns across all types of live sensor data, predicted time to failure and suggested actions to avoid plant issues. Unlike the traditional APM systems based on old constructs of univariate rules, static thresholds, statistical metrics, and subpar user experiences, here they increase the useful life of assets and significantly improve revenue throughput.

  • Completely new preventive maintenance application that detects anomalies previously hidden in even the most advanced solutions, and predicts time-to-failure even with sparse failure data.

  • Preventive maintenance prioritized by the financial cost,, Value-at-Risk (VAR) — a metric that accounts for under and over-maintaining assets to solve the Maintenance Planner’s dilemma.

  • Aligns teams and empowers operators to reduce unplanned downtime and optimize planned downtime.

Quantified Benefits

25-50% reduction in equipment downtime

2-5% reduction in maintenance cost, including parts, labor and more

3-5% improvement in equipment life

Quality Flow delivers transformational results in just a few months