"AI Runs Smart Steel Plant." Read the Big River Steel story in the Wall Street Journal.

The Noodle.ai Platform addresses each failure point in the data pipeline from edge device to on-prem and cloud. Realize the value of Industry 4.0 investments with a comprehensive platform purpose-built for artificial intelligence.

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How it Works

Manufacturing has been in pursuit of quality, efficiency, reliability and safety improvements as part of Industry 4.0 initiatives for years, but results have been lackluster. Legacy data systems were built for use by people, but machine learning requires a wholly different collection of structured high-fidelity data.


Enterprise AI® Data Platform

Each element of our platform can be implemented on its own, to address your immediate challenges, or deployed as an end-to-end stack to prepare your organization for true digital transformation.

Real‑time AI‑at‑the‑Edge

Data has a shelf-life—it’s a perishable asset—and data capture starts at the sensor. Noodle.ai’s factory-ready fleet-ready AI-at-the-Edge appliances capture high-fidelity data and context and have the power to intervene in real-time. You don’t use the cloud to deploy your car’s airbags.

On-Premise AI Appliances

Run AI workloads on-premise and bridge Edge-to-Private Cloud applications. Interrupted connectivity to the cloud shouldn’t mean critical data are lost. On-premise solutions drive cloud retrieval prices down and ensure your factory is producing an uninterrupted historical timeline of actions and results.

Temporospatial Correlation Data Platform

If that headline catches your interest, we’re going to be good friends. This is petabyte-scale TSCDP & petaflop compute to power the AI smart factory. GPS-enabled precision time protocols ensure data are properly ordered at the millisecond level and free of sampling and summary artifacts that reduce the efficacy of learning algorithms.

Do you have a zettabyte challenge?

Chances are you’re tossing away valuable AI training data. Future-proof your Enterprise AI® stack today.