Supercharge Your Legacy Systems with AI

Legacy systems were designed 30+ years ago. They lack the ability to harness the advancements in computing power and data science made in the last decade.

The Gap In Your Tech Stack

The Gap In Your Tech Stack

Planning Systems are great at creating “theoretical” plans. However, they use deterministic math which forces you to strive for certainty leaving you blind to all the potential outcomes and the expected Value-at-Risk.

Plans created are rarely executed because they don’t account for the variability and volatility that exists in our uncertain world.

How to Reduce the Waste Gap

How to Reduce the Waste Gap

  1. Audit the health of your plan utilizing probabilities to predict most likely demand and supply
  2. Prioritize the value-at-risk based on what’s most likely to happen
  3. Prescribe corrective actions that reduce the value at risk
The System of Intelligence
Purpose built AI powered applications across planning functions
Demand Icon

Dramatically improve forecasts across hierarchies and time horizons by eliminating human bias and enabling an exception-based, demand planning process.

Distribution Icon

Predict supply-demand gaps for finished goods distribution, prioritize risks based on value, and recommend (or automatically carry out!) the optimal corrective actions to improve fill rates at a lower cost.

Production Icon

Predict network-wide supply-demand gaps, prioritize risks based on value, and recommend actions based on the optimal near-term production schedule trade-offs.

Materials Icon

Predict materials requirements for production and availability imbalances due to supplier reliability, and we mitigate risks with recommended procurement actions.

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