AI Applications for Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Static rules-based software (ERP, MES, SCADA) are failing decision makers. They ignore too many critical factors, make poor predictions, and are too slow to respond to the accelerating velocity and volatility of today’s business reality.

This is where comes in.


Industrial AI where Software Fails

app-interfaces offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics, & consumer products. Our products are built using AI from the ground up. They ingest massive amounts of data, find valuable hidden patterns, and generate predictions that allow business leaders to drive radical efficiency.

Our AI Applications
Three Modules

  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Intelligence
  • Logistics Intelligence

Enterprise AI® Platform

  • Petabyte Data Storage
    (Level 0 – 4 data)
  • Petaflop Computing
  • Temporal Spatial Database
  • AI-at-the-Edge
  • AI Application Trainer

Sense, Predict, and Recommend

Each application has three engines

Each app senses the current state of your business, predicts what is likely to happen and why, and then recommends the best action for you to take.

The Sensory Engine finds patterns in your data and the outside world. It senses risks and opportunities that were hidden before.

The Prediction Engine analyzes billions of possible moves you could take to change this future. Calculate what is likely to happen in your business and why.

The Recommendation Engine surfaces the best actions to meet your objectives. Then the result you select is fed back into the BEAST to learn and optimize.

No data? No problem

Curated external data sources

We understand your data may be messy. We love messy. No need for giant, expensive master data management (MDM) projects just to get started. We fortify your data — structured and unstructured — with Data Cartridges. The Data Cartridges provide access to hundreds of feature-rich data sets to improve operations planning, such as:

  • Market Signals
  • Industry Signals
  • City Signals
  • Competitor Signals
  • Weather Signals
  • Brand Signals

Learn how Enterprise AI® can improve your business.

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