Applications applications use Enterprise AI® to increase profit per hour flowing through your operations, all while eliminating waste (think Downtime, Scrap, WIP, FGI, Opex, and of course MWh & CO2)
AI / Applications


Whether you make steel, aluminum, aircraft engines, food, or cosmetics, you need to anticipate and plan for flow, product quality, maintenance downtime, costs, inventory, and more. Our apps make sure you don’t miss a single step, allowing you to predict the most efficient way to get your products made with the least waste – go world.

Product Quality Intelligence

Increase revenue and operating margin via higher yield driven by quality prediction, forensics and control.

Energy Consumption Intelligence

Reduce energy consumption through electricity prediction and shaping.

Asset Health Intelligence

Increase revenue via higher throughput driven by improved failure prediction, diagnosis and prevention.

Production Flow Intelligence

Increase profit per production hour through demand sensing and production product mix and scheduling optimizations


Supply Chain

Weather. Maintenance. Production. Labor planning. Route variations. So much can go wrong when you need to get the right goods to the right place at the right time. Our AI apps solve these predictive challenges and let you keep your business moving.

Demand Signal Intelligence

Improve forecast accuracy by sensing and predicting demand risks & opportunities.

Fill Rate Intelligence

Maximize revenue and margins by balancing predicted inventory, production, and material with demand.

Fleet Health Intelligence

Optimize fleet up-time through equipment failure and downtime risk predictions.

Warehouse Labor Intelligence

Optimize labor utilization through planning, smoothing & scheduling.


Manufacturing has been in pursuit of quality, efficiency, reliability and safety improvements as part of Industry 4.0 initiatives for years. The arrival of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence® signals the tipping point for digital transformation.

Teaching high-performing Enterprise AI® requires collecting and structuring high-fidelity data in a way that is best for AI. built an edge-to-datacenter platform specifically for artificial intelligence to deliver on the value promised by Industry 4.0.

Real-time AI-at-the-Edge

Data has a shelf-life – it’s a perishable asset – and high-fidelity data capture and compute starts at the edge.’s factory-ready fleet-ready AI-at-the-Edge provides real-time intelligence at the edge. After all, your car’s airbags aren’t deployed from a signal that comes from the cloud.

On-Premise AI Appliances

Run AI workloads on-premise and bridge Edge-to-Datacenter applications. Interrupted connectivity shouldn't mean critical data are lost. On-premise solutions improve fault tolerance and ensure your factory is producing an uninterrupted historical timeline of events, actions and results.

Enterprise AI® Data Platform

Fully-managed petabyte-scale & petaflop compute platform the powers the heart of the AI smart factory. It provides a robust platform for Enterprise AI® applications and enables AI to find patterns in data previously impossible to detect.