Inventory Flow

Take actions that boost profits when complexity, uncertainty, and everyday volatility disrupts your near-term plan.

Planners get Terrible Advice from their Tools

Planners get Terrible Advice from their Tools

Even the most advanced systems struggle with accuracy in near-term planning because of fixed rules, backward-looking data, and plans that don’t support the level of granularity needed for execution decisions. Planners spend most of their time weeding through thousands of error-ridden alerts and making sub-optimal decisions that result in waste.

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Inventory Flow Makes Every Decision Count

Inventory Flow sets a new execution standard for planners in the 0–to-16 week planning horizon. Our AI engines ingest massive amounts of data to accurately predict supply-demand imbalances at SKU/DC/week level and recommend the optimal mitigation actions. Planners are confident that every decision they make improves fill rate.

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Understand What’s at Stake for Your Business

Financial risks are prioritized based on the cost to the business, Value-at-Risk (VAR), so planners naturally make the most impactful execution-horizon allocation and expedite decisions. The total amount of waste eliminated by planners is tallied, so executives can monitor the overall financial impact on the business.

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Proven in Production

Inventory Flow has radically changed the status quo for some of the largest CPG companies in the world.

10-25% improvement in lost sales

25-40% reduction in expedite costs

15-25% less inventory holding costs

1-2 days per week of productive time for planners previously lost in alerts and false alarms

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Powered by Enterprise AI®'s Enterprise AI® engines are the secret sauce behind Inventory Flow’s stunning results.

Supply-Demand Imbalance Diagnosis leverages historical data to understand variability in portfolio and network behavior: what’s driving inventory stockouts, overages, and value leakage.

Demand Prediction predicts customer orders at the SKU x DC x week level.

Supply Prediction predicts inbound supply at the SKU x DC x week level.

Shipment Recommendation uses reinforcement learning to recommend actions that mitigate risk: shipment expedites, de-expedites, and inventory allocations.

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ROI, in Weeks Not Months

We built Inventory Flow with solid checkpoints so customers harvest value as data is being ingested and the models are being trained and tuned. By the time Inventory Flow goes live, it is embraced as a financial game changer for the business.

Week 3: Initial Model Predictions

Week 8: First Demand Predictions

Week 12: First Supply Predications

Week 16: Inventory Flow Go-Live

Learn How Inventory Flow Impacts Your Bottom Line