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Demand Module

Dramatically improve demand signal and reduce bias in the network by combining all forecasting inputs across the company, machine and human, to become the data-driven consensus demand signal that rarely requires an exception.

The promise of AI, delivered

Demand planners are on the front lines, reacting to constantly shifting internal and external signals, manually adjusting forecasts to drive alignment on the most accurate demand plan to feed S&OP and S&OE processes. Statistical monthly forecasts just can't model the highly erratic demand that companies attle in today’s volatile world.

With the Inventory Flow Demand Module, planners get a data-driven consensus demand forecast, powered by predictive AI that improves accuracy and reduces bias across execution, operating, and strategic time horizons. It leverages both driver data and human inputs to create interpretable demand predictions optimized by prediction horizon and hierarchy.

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The Demand Module:

Dramatically improves accuracy and reduces bias for demand forecasts at all levels of the product and network hierarchy, across multiple horizons.

Combines demand inputs from any level of the forecast and analyzes the true value of each input to create a new data-driven consensus signal.

Stays ahead of shifting demands with both internal and external signals.

Quantified Benefits

10-30 pts accuracy lift based on core models.

5-10 pts additional accuracy improvement from enhanced internal and external signals.

5-10% inventory reduction from reduced safety stock requirements.

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