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Production Module

Ensure a seamless flow of the right products to your network by making near-term production priority trade-offs by Value at Risk. Exceptions are focused to reduce lost sales and the costs associated with inventory and shipment expedites.

The promise of AI, delivered

Because production planners are steps removed from network demand, they are challenged to improve fill rates and reduce holding costs.

With the Inventory Flow Production Module, planners get a completely new predictive view into supply-demand imbalances. Unlike existing ERP, advanced planning and Business Intelligence systems—which have fixed rules and backward-looking data—the Production Module predicts risks previously hidden. It then prioritizes those risks based on the cost to the business and recommends the optimal production scheduling shifts.

Production Module screen


Uses granular network inventory predictions to focus planners on the right exceptions and balance responsiveness with efficiency.

Creates a corrective action plan prioritized by the predicted financial impact to the business, quantified in dollar terms as Value at Risk (VAR).

Provides a single source of inventory truth across the entire supply chain network—from order level to business level.

Quantified Benefits

10-25% improvement in reducing lost sales

15-25% less inventory holding costs

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