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Ensure a seamless flow of the right products to your network by making near-term production priority trade-offs by Value at Risk.

Quality Flow is like having a crystal ball

Quality Flow sets a new diagnostic standard for operators. Our AI engines analyze massive amounts of data to find root causes of defects and spec variability in current processes and generate preventative rules that get scheduled in production. For the first time, operators have clear crystal-clear vision into ongoing production issues that impact quality and yield.

Predict the future

Quality Flow predicts and prioritizes financial risks in upcoming production schedules based on cost to the business, Value-at-Risk (VAR). Operators take pre-emptive actions through risk simulation and AI-generated recommendations. The total amount of waste eliminated by operators is tallied, so executives can monitor the overall financial impact to the business.

Proven in production

Quality Flow dramatically reduced the Total Cost of Quality (TCO) for some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies.

25-35% reduction in Total Cost of Quality

  • 15-35% decrease in quality variability
  • Over 25% reduction in defect rate

15-20% increase in (First Pass) Yield

Over 60% decrease in inspection and RCA time

Substantial reduction in scrap and rework

Powered by Enterprise AI®

Noodle.ai's Enterprise AI® engines are the secret sauce behind Quality Flow’s stunning results.

Quality Diagnosis leverages historical product, quality and process data to diagnose process anomalies for quality issues and identifies top drivers at varying levels of product hierarchy

Defect Prediction predicts and mitigates quality issues on upcoming production schedules

Variability Prediction predicts and manages the variability in quality specifications

Quality Rules generates quality rules for top drivers, including operating zones

Quality Recommendation recommends parameter settings to minimize defect risk or reduce variability in quality specifications for top factors identified by predictions

Quality Flow delivers transformational results in just a few months

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