Quality Flow

When production losses threaten profits but you don’t know why, Quality Flow unmasks root causes and provides operational clarity that prevents waste.

Operators know their tools have blind spots

Operators know their tools have blind spots

In highly complex and dynamic manufacturing environments, even the most advanced Quality Management Systems can’t get to the bottom of quality issues. Their univariate rules, static thresholds, and manual statistical analysis prevent the real problems from being unearthed. Operators resign themselves to generating a given amount of waste simply because their tools leave them blind to root causes.

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Quality Flow is like having a crystal ball

The Quality Flow system of intelligence sets a new diagnostic standard for operators. Quality Flow analyzes massive amounts of data to find root causes of defects and spec variability in current processes, generating preventative rules that get scheduled into production. For the first time, operators have a crystal-clear vision into ongoing production issues that impact quality and yield.

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We’re a performance metals manufacturer; that's our expertise. Could we have built up a data scientist department and spent years on it? Maybe. We felt that the depth of knowledge, support and the speed at which Noodle.ai could act was the absolute best value.”
Nathan Goebel
Plant Manager


Quality Flow dramatically reduces the Total Cost of Quality (TCQ) across a diverse set of industries — from candy to steel.

25-35% reduction in Total Cost of Quality

  • 15-35% decrease in quality variability
  • Over 25% reduction in defect rate

15-20% increase in (First Pass) Yield

Over 60% decrease in inspection and RCA time

Substantial reduction in scrap and rework

The promise of AI, delivered

When the AI-powered Quality Flow is up and running in your manufacturing environment, suddenly solutions appear for previously “unsolvable issues.”

Quality Flow automated deployments and purpose-built AI delivers proven results—typically producing stunning financial gains within six months.

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Want to uncover the root causes of defects and spec variability?