How do RB, Kellogg, Transplace, and Estee Lauder keep their supply chains flowing? Listen.
XAI / Demand Flow

Improve accuracy and remove bias with an AI-enabled, data-driven consensus demand signal feeding your S&OP and S&OE processes.

The promise of AI, delivered

Designed for global enterprises operating in multi-echelon networks that require granular SKU by market, location, and customer-level demand planning, while assuring brand, category, marketing, and financial plans are aligned. Demand Flow delivers all the promise of AI forecasting at enterprise scale.

Leverage a multitude of internal and external inputs to augment your domain expertise with XAI, providing demand signal at all levels of the product and network hierarchy.

Real value in weeks

Fix your Fill Rate (OTIF) in weeks and not months. We did for largest cereal maker in the US, we can do it for you.