How do RB, Kellogg, Transplace, and Estee Lauder keep their supply chains flowing? Listen.
XAI / Inventory Flow

Seamlessly get the right amount of products to the right place at the right time. Make the best execution-horizon allocation and expedite decisions with recommendations based on patterns previously hidden in the data and share learning across the company.

Planning for Flow

Inventory, deployment and supply planners are on the frontlines, getting the right quantity of products to the right places at the right time, maximizing fill rates with lower costs and lower inventory.

With Inventory Flow, they’re armed with a completely new predictive view with actionable insights into supply-demand imbalances within the 0–12-week execution window. Unlike existing ERP, Concurrent Planning and BI systems with fixed rules and backward-looking data, Inventory Flow predicts risks previously hidden, prioritizes them based on the cost to the business, and recommends the optimal actions.

  • Completely new predictive view into supply-demand imbalances within the execution window.

  • Recommended action plan prioritized by the predicted financial impact to the business, Value-at-Risk (VAR).

  • Single source of inventory truth across the entire supply chain network—from order level to business level.

Quantified Benefits

0-30 pts accuracy lift based on core models.

5-10 pts additional accuracy improvement from enhanced internal and external signals.

5-10% inventory reduction from reduced safety stock requirements.

Real value in weeks

Fix your Fill Rate (OTIF) in weeks and not months. We did for largest cereal maker in the US, we can do it for you.