How do RB, Kellogg, Transplace, and Estee Lauder keep their supply chains flowing? Listen.
XAI / Inventory Flow

Take complete control of supply-demand imbalances during the execution window. Balance business-level and SKU-level inventory priorities to navigate the turbulence of supply and demand variability.

Planning for Flow

Inventory planners are caught in an unforgiving cycle of poor visibility and risk mitigation, resulting in missed fill rate targets and lost sales.

By translating and prioritizing supply-demand imbalances directly to dollar Value at Risk (VAR), Inventory Flow aligns the team to a single source of truth, supporting a collaborative risk resolution process across regions and functions. With prescriptive recommendations, inventory planners take proactive, targeted inventory deployment actions to mitigate risks well before they materialize.

Real value in weeks

Fix your Fill Rate (OTIF) in weeks and not months. We did for largest cereal maker in the US, we can do it for you.