How do RB, Kellogg, Transplace, and Estee Lauder keep their supply chains flowing? Listen.
XAI / Production Flow

Ensure a seamless flow of the right products to your network by making near-term production priority trade-offs by Value at Risk. Exceptions are focused to reduce lost sales and the costs associated with inventory and shipment expedites.

No more bullwhips

Production planners get the worst of supply chain bullwhips, racing to catch up with concurrent planning system errors and uncoordinated expedites.

By aligning to a single truth, Value at Risk, Production Flow supports a collaborative risk resolution process between supply chain functions. Production planners can make only the most high-value exceptions to the production plan to mitigate predicted lost sales or overage risks in the network.

Real value in weeks

Fix your Fill Rate (OTIF) in weeks and not months. We did for largest cereal maker in the US, we can do it for you.