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Ted Gaubert

Chief Technology Officer

Ted is a software engineer, data scientist, management consultant and backcountry triathlete. For the past 20 years, Dr. Gaubert has been engineering ‘intelligent’ software and solutions for the enterprise.  Prior to Noodle, Dr. Gaubert was at Infosys Consulting, where he was most known for creating and leading IMPACT, the intellectual property and operational backbone of the organization. His work on IMPACT allowed the organization to quickly scale from less than 100 to over 3,500 employees and enabled delivery of thousands of successful consulting engagements. Prior to Infosys, he spent a decade as a founder of XenTec Systems Inc., which developed data driven enterprise applications. He has Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Nanotechnology Biomaterials and Bachelors in Computer and Electrical Engineering. Ted finds his intellectual inspiration while mountain biking or running on the trail. His best ideas grow with warm sunshine, open water and soft soil.