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XAI / FlowOps

What is Flow Operations?

Now, companies are empowered to pursue perfect operations flow—moving products from raw materials to factory to shelf in elegant synchronization. Supply chain and manufacturing professionals see through the fog of operations entropy and reach a new level of flow.
XAI / What is Flow Operations

FlowOps applications discover hidden disruptions and prioritize solutions.

Flow Operations, or FlowOps, is a new category of EnterpriseAI® software designed to help companies take their supply chain and manufacturing operations to a new level of performance that was impossible until now. For the first time, companies can see and understand the most perilous hidden patterns ready to inflict disruption on their operations. It’s a razor-sharp view into the near-term risks with the context to understand the impact to the business, measured in dollars as Value-at-Risk. The software unleashes data trapped in silos and granularity and puts all of it, massive complex amounts, through advanced machine learning models to ensure no seemingly random event is left behind.

Machine intelligence augments human intelligence—for smarter, faster, better decisions.

FlowOps is only possible now because of breakthroughs in high-performance computing, data storage and machine intelligence. Today, computers are over a million times faster than when ERP and MES systems were architected 50 years ago. These current systems get upgrades, next-generation features, and AI veneers but still fall short of computing at the level of recent technological breakthroughs.

FlowOps applications are architected from the ground up with the most advanced AI technology. It is not an AI layer added to an existing application. This new category of software is a tango between machine and human intelligence—each doing what they do best.

The Bar Has Been Raised

FlowOps Isn’t all about the machines.

Now, companies are moving products from raw materials to factory to shelf in elegant synchronization. It sets a new bar for what is now achievable and is table stakes for companies who want to maintain a competitive edge and maximize profits.

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As the leading provider of Flow Operations software, deploys Explainable AI (XAI) to safeguard manufacturers and complex supply chains from everyday surprises. We keep your team focused and your operations flowing—no waste from shop floor to store shelf, and everywhere in between.

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